Whether you are a beginning staff accountant or a seasoned manager, there are many special benefits to joining the Rossi team. These special benefits go beyond the generous employee benefit packages offered (3 weeks Paid Time Off, Health Care, 401(k) matching, CPA reimbursement, performance bonus), and are the real reasons that set us apart.

First and foremost, Rossi is comprised of a core group of employees that are committed to the firm’s success. Rossi has seen consistent and steady growth since beginning nearly thirty years ago. We foresee room for continuing growth in the years ahead, and would like you to share in the benefits of that growth.

Rossi has a wide variety of industries and services that allow employees to broaden their experience and add value to their career. For entry-level accountants, this means that you will have the opportunity to work in an audit, tax, and advisory role. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of client types as you begin work. For tax work, this means that you will be presented with all types of entities and transactions. For audit work, this means that you will get to see many different types of businesses and how they run. Rossi grows with our employees, by providing employees with access to valuable experience.

Rossi employees benefit from working closely with our projects from start to finish. You will have the opportunity to grow at your own pace with the firm. Using Rossi’s training in the most prevalent tax, audit, and accounting software, employees can begin to utilize their prior experience and education. Early on, Rossi will provide employees with opportunities to lead and coordinate projects. Employees who succeed at Rossi are willing to constantly improve at their job through learning, taking on more responsibility, and looking for better ways to more effectively serve our clients.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we maintain our employees for the same reason that we have maintained our clients for so long. Rossi understands that each employee is different. This means different professional interests, goals, schedules, pace of learning and backgrounds. Rossi has a great track record of growing with its employees because it values these differences.


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