Tax strategies and planning, including estate tax planning and family wealth transfer, are essential to preserving accumulated wealth. Your wealth is the result of years of dedicated hard work, sacrifices, a commitment to saving and the patience to follow through on your vision. Accordingly, it is critical that you plan and invest the time in protecting your wealth for retirement, future generations or your desired goals.

At Rossi, we understand that no two clients are alike. Therefore, there is no one solution or simple fix to tax planning, family wealth transfer or retirement planning. Our team of tax professionals will first gain an understanding of your needs and objectives before designing any tax strategies for you. We will listen to you. You did not accumulate your wealth in one easy step, so take the time to preserve it the same way you earned it.

Rossi works as a team member with your financial adviser, retirement planner, insurance professional, and attorney. Rossi is not a licensed investment representative, insurance agent, or licensed to practice law. Our goal is not to sell you any product. We prefer to remain objective and independent, either working with your team or providing you with referrals of other professionals.