The Hospitality and Restaurant industries are highly sensitive to consumer preferences, leisure time and disposable income. Accordingly, domestic and international economic conditions and forecasts are directly relevant to how this industry performs. Our professionals are experienced with providing solutions to the challenges faced by your company today. In meeting these challenges a company could include online customer reviews, perform breakeven analysis of rate increases, or have Rossi analyze the cost/benefit of different services that could be provided. Labor allocation, economic conditions, competition and even special local events can become significant to success.

At Rossi, our professionals understand what it takes to create consumer value necessary to attract disposable income, resulting in successful operations. Companies need to meet the challenges of today’s market by understanding and establishing a strategy to meet consumer trends, economic conditions, and competition. Our analysis includes comparison of your business to industry trends, key ratios and analytics. Our analysis for the hospitality and restaurant industries includes, RevPAR, occupancy, average room rate, sales per seat, daily seat turnover, and gross profit per seat.

Our clients include:

  • Hotel and lodging
  • Public transportation
  • Restaurants