Technology companies face many challenges today. Companies must adapt quickly to continuous innovation, relentless competition, and technological obsolescence. At Rossi, we regularly advise businesses on topics such as maximizing shareholder value, venture capital issues, financing and organizing the company in the most efficient and tax advantageous way.

Rossi has significant experience in dealing with the critical accounting issues that have impacted technology companies from revenue recognition, software cost capitalization, inventory valuation, to equity structure and instruments. As a technology company, it is important that you consider these critical accounting issues and present your financial statements in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the U.S. Rossi has the experience to assist you with these accounting issues.

Not only do technology companies have complex accounting issues, but they have unique tax issues. Rossi’s tax department is skilled in R&D credit analysis and studies, reserve differences, deferred revenue tax strategies, transfer pricing, inventory cost capitalization and sales tax issues. Moreover, Rossi tax professionals are experienced and available for FASB Codification Section 740 income tax provision assistance.

We bring expertise from decades of hands-on experience in this specialized industry- the reason our clients continuously turn to us for guidance.

Types of Clients:

  • Software development
  • Specialty use computers
  • Telecommunications chip design & manufacture
  • IT services
  • Vehicle monitoring firmware and location tracking systems